IGT Rubicone



Sangiovese IGT Rubicone
100% Appassimento

Grapes: Sangiovese
Denomination: Rubicone IGT
Production area: Emilia Romagna

Alcohol content: 15%.

Tasting Notes

Colour: intense black;
Bouquet: harmonious with redberries and blackberries aromas;
Taste: fine and important wine, very well balanced, with soft and sweet tannins at the end;
Service temperature: 18° – 20° C.
Serving suggestions: Enigma may be enjoyed on its own as a meditation wine, due to its naturally balanced characteristics. Well paired with meats and aged cheeses.

The story behind Enigma
The Biscardo Family – along with Romagna’s agricultures – created this Sangiovese. The harvest is in late autumn when the partially dried-on-the-vine raisins are picked up by hand and put into baskets for a period of withering in kilns. At the end of December, the maceration takes place very slowly at low temperatures and the wine is kept on lees until March.
Enigma is obtained from a “100% Appassimento” process.