Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie




Pinot Grigio
DOC delle Venezie

Grapes: Pinot Grigio.
Denomination: IGT delle Venezie
Production area: Veneto
Alcohol content: 12%

Organoleptic features

Colour: straw intense yellow with light greenish tones. 
Bouquet: delicate, fresh, elegantly fruity.
Taste: softly mineral, harmonious.
Serving temperature: 8°-10° C
Serving suggestions: ideal accompaniment to shellfish and seafood appetizers, cheese, white meat and fish dishes.

The Pinot Grigio is the most popular grape in the world and is synonymous of Italy.
Our Pinot Grigio comes from vines of 10-15 years, a part of them from the plain, with limestone subsoil, and another part from the foothills of the hills.
This particular location gives the wine a delicate minerality, important structure and typical floral fragrances.

The grapes are still picked up by hand and then placed in wooden cases – this is usually made at dawn or at late in the evening to avoid that the grapes suffer from the intense hot of the day. Clusters picked up during fresh hours remain intact and there is no risk of skin fermentation during transport.
Once the grapes arrive in the vinification cellar, they are pressed immediately and the most is then fermented under controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. 
The skins are generally kept in the tank for a long time together with all other natural chemical substances so that they can release the colours with more intensity.
The fermentation temperature is maintained at around 20°/23°C, and it is a long and delicate process. Once it has fermented, the wine is placed in little tanks (150 hectoliters) where it rests for at least 4 months.