Pinot Nero
IGT Veneto
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Pinot Nero
IGT Veneto

IGT Veneto
Production area:
Hills close to Barbarano
Alcohol content:

Organoleptic features

rosé, brilliant
fruity, with elegant wild strawberries and cherry flavours
sapid, smooth, harmonic. The finish is pleasant and nicely bitter

Service temperature:
9°-10° C.

Serving suggestion:
appetizer, fish dishes, cheese, delicate flavored risotto or pasta, white meat


The vineyards are close to Barbarano, in the proximity of Euganei hills and Abano, a worldwide famous area for its thermal wellness centers due to sulphurous and curative waters. The Pinot Nero vineyards have been growing over the last 20 years on this rich soil, characterized by several traits such as the capacity of retaining the humidity reached during the night and the efficient drainage during the rainy days. Moreover, the area was volcanic, so it is full of rich minerals and clay. This confers to the grapes inimitable features compared to the world production of Pinot Nero that, in Rosapasso, are found in the bouquet complexity, a smooth palate and a perfect balance. This Pinot Nero rosé is a structured wine, fresh and inviting with a long and sapid finish. The vines are trained by the spurred cordon and Guyot system.


The grapes are gently pressed, so the must extracted is pure free-run juice. It follows the cryomaceration that is processed before the fermentation, in this way the primary aromas are extracted easier and more efficiently, directly from the internal part of the skin. Thanks to this process the main aromas obtained are well defined, delicate and fruity. The fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Finally, the aging continues for few months in stainless steel tanks while the wine refines on its own yeasts.