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Corvina Cabernet Sauvignon IGT

Mavum Rosso



Corvina Cabernet Sauvignon
IGT Veneto

Corvina Veronese, Cabernet Sauvignon.
IGT Veneto
Production area:
Verona (Veneto).
Alcohol content:

Organoleptic features

intense ruby red, tending to garnet with aging 
winy and characteristic, delicate with spicy notes.
dry and velvety, slightly bitter on the palate, sapid and nicely balanced.
Service temperature:
16° – 18° C
Serving suggestions:
particularly indicated with main courses, especially game, red meat and matured cheeses.

The grapes grow on the hills at around 150-250 m.  above the sea level.
During harvest the clusters are hand-picked and then placed in wooden cases; this practice generally takes place at dawn or at late in the evening to avoid the intense hot that the grapes may suffer during the day. Indeed the clusters that are picked up during the fresh hours remain intact and there is no risk of skin fermentation during transport. 
Once it arrives in the vinification cellar, the grapes are pressed immediately and the most is fermented under controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. The next important step is a light and partial aging in big barrels.  
Corvina is the base for the production of the eminent Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone and Cabernet Sauvignon confers soft and slightly sweet tannins that gives pleasant notes of wild berries.