Prosecco DOC




Prosecco DOC

Grapes: Glera
Denomination: DOC Prosecco. 
Production area: Veneto
Alcohol content: 11%

Organoleptic features

Colour: golden yellow.
Bouquet: fresh, fruity and aromatic. 
Taste: fresh and elegant, with persistent perlage. 
Serving temperature: 8°-10° C
Serving suggestions: excellent as aperitif, perfect with appetizer but also ideal accompaniment for the whole meal with fish courses and shellfish.

The production area is sited in Veneto region. 
The cultivation density is around 3,500 to 4,000 rootstocks per hectare and the crop growing technique is the typical one for this area (with simple or double espalier). 
Only traditional pruning with no artificial devise is carried out. 
The annual yield is about 100 tons of grapes.

Soft pressing of the grapes with natural fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16° C for 10 days. 
The sparkle is obtained in tank at 16° C until a pressure of 2,5 bar is reached and then the wine is chilled. 
This temperature is maintained until the moment of bottling.