Veneto IGT rosato Frizzante




Veneto IGT

Grapes: Merlot (white vinification)
IGT Veneto.
Production area: Veneto
Alcoholic content: 10.5%

Organoleptic features

Colour: delicate pink.
Bouquet: harmonic and fruity. 
Taste: fresh, wrap around flavor and characteristic. 
Serving temperature: 8°-10° C
Serving suggestions: excellent as aperitif, pairs well with appetizer, fish and shellfish. 

The secular history of the Venetian grapes led to the present days this extraordinary and unique grape, a true witness of a rural landscape and civilization lost in time. 
It is rebellious to the very essence of its character, so little in accordance with the elegant canons of the wine fashion, for its seductive aggressiveness, for its exuberant vitality. It is a sincere and honest wine, which deserves to be known and loved. 
It is the emblem of youth and freshness that our land are able to give the wine. 
It is a modern, lively, carefree wine, perfect in many occasions which is an ideal approach to the fascinating world of wine for the new generations.
The blend created by Martino Biscardo embodies the characteristics of both the wines with a fantastic successful colour. 

Characteristic of the Veneto region, of alluvial origin, rather loose, slightly calcareous with gravel surfacing

Cold maceration for 48 to 72 hours, then fermented at controlled temperature of 18-22 ° C. The sparkle is obtained with subsequent Charmat method.