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Grapes: Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave
Denomination: Soave DOC Classico
Production area: Between Soave and Monteforte (Verona)
Alcohol content: 13.50%.

Organoleptic features

Colour: straw yellow with greenish reflections.
Bouquet: vinous with the characteristic delicate perfume
Taste: dry, medium-bodied and nicely balanced
Service temperature: 9°-10° C.
Serving suggestion: pasta dishes, soups, white meat, fresh cheeses and egg-based dishes.

The peculiarity of this wine comes from the particular tufaceous soil, which gives a special minerality to the wine. There are a few hectares, around 12, therefore an extremely limited yield.

The production area is located on the hill between the Soave castle and Monteforte castle. In the most valuable zone of it, there is Borgo San Lorenzo. There are historical documents, dating from 1029, which attest the tradition of the place in cultivation of the vine. In this area, since Roman times, vineyards were cultivated, but from the Middle Ages onwards, there is historically documented the presence of vineyard producing white grape. In that period the Dominican friars introduced and made famous the Soave wine.
The special feature of our Soave Classico of Borgo San Lorenzo of the Corte Cansignorio, is the use of ancient vineyard of Garganega together with the Trebbiano of Soave, in the percentage of Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave.

To produce our Soave we keep the must at a very low controlled temperature, around 13°/14° C., with a fermentation, then, that lasts about 2 months. All is then maintained on the skins, so that there is the maximum extraction of all the mineral components of the grape.
This is the reason why our Soave is particularly complex.